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If you’ve been to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, you’ve watched fish fly, you’ve fed a bronze pig named Rachel, you’ve shopped endless rows of crafts, flowers and food, you’ve gazed out at Elliott Bay. And you probably got a little thirsty.

At Old Stove Brewery we are serving Market-made craft beer and delicious fare. Find us downtown, on First Avenue between Pike and Pine.

Our Beers

Streaker Summer Ale

Our bright, floral and refreshing American pale with a touch of wheat, brewed exclusively with loads of super sexy Citra hops. Streaks of sunshine.
ABV 5.4% - 25 IBU

Amber Waves

This medium-bodied Amber Ale hints of dark fruity raisin, currants, and ripe plum. Slightly sweet and nutty from a blend of toasted malts including a touch of Chocolate Malt and flaked Barley, and balanced off with a nice mix of Northwest hops.
ABV 6.5% - 30 IBU

The Two-Pronged Crown

This big NW IPA exudes bright tangerine, grassy pine, and complex earthy notes from our abundant additions of dank Mosaic hops. Careful - this Green Manalishi may make you do things you don’t want to do.
ABV 7.1% - 74 IBU

Kettle Sour

For those of you who like sour beers, we wanted to show you a little love too. Tart, Sweet, and Sour. We certainly get lemon and citrus from the Lemon Drop and Sorachi Ace hops.
ABV 3.8% - 17 IBU

Other Alcoholic Beverages

Finnriver rotating Guest Cider

Ask your server for current selection

House Red or White Wine

Ask your server for current selection

The Taproom

Whether you’re looking to take your friends out or make new ones, our taproom is a great place to sit back and enjoy a cold one. There’s more than meets the eye and kids of all ages will enjoy searching for hidden items in our 25-foot mural.  Can you find the morel mushroom?  A few beers might help.

A variety of seating options, from individual stools to community tables make this the perfect gathering place for all.  The beer enthusiast will feel right at home amongst our 16 taps and vintage beer signs and cans.

Be sure to join us for our Happiest Hours, from 4-6pm, Monday through Friday.

On the go? Grab a 32 oz. Old Stove Crowler for the road.

Food Menu


Warm Nuts and Olives

Charcuterie Plate

Beecher’s and Mt. Townsend Cheese Plate

Served with bread and Quince Jam

Uli’s Beer Bites

Soft Bavarian Pretzel

Served warm with stone ground mustard and melted cheese dip

Potato Chips

Signature Sandwiches

Accompanied by Blue Bird Farm quinoa and Broccoli Salad

French Dip

Herb and garlic rubbed choice beef sirloin on baguette. Slow-Roasted in-house, carved to order, with Provolone cheese Old Stove Spicy Relish, and Au jus dip.

Roast Turkey Dip

Diestel turkey breast on baguette. Slow-Roasted in-house, carved to order, with Provolone cheese Old Stove Spicy Relish, and Au jus dip.

Spicy Italian Sandwich

Hot Coppa, Soppressata, Finocchiana Salame, Provolone, Old Stove Spicy Relish, Lettuce, and Tomato on baguette

Beecher’s Foraged Mushroom Grilled Cheese and Silky Tomato Bisque

Braised Pork Shank

Slowly Braised in-house, served with Sauerkraut,
Quinoa Broccoli Salad, and toasted baguette.

All menu items are made Artisanal made in house with locally sourced products whenever possible.

Kids Menu

Kid’s Sized Signature Sandwiches

Slow-Roasted in-house, carved to order, with Provolone cheese and Au jus dip. Accompanied by Carrot Sticks!

Roast Beef Dip

Herb and garlic rubbed choice beef sirloin on half baguette

Turkey Dip

Diestel turkey breast on half potato hoagie

Grilled Cheese

Provolone cheese and tomato bisque on half potato hoagie.

Kid’s and Non–Alcoholic Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

Iced Tea

Juice (Apple or Orange)




Grand Opening!

Come warm up the Old Stove!

On Saturday, April 16th Old Stove Brewing will be hosting a Grand Opening celebration and fundraiser for the Pike Place Market Foundation.  Two dollars from every beer sold will go to the Pike Up! Campaign to help fund the new MarketFront development.

What is the Pike Up! Campaign?

The Pike Up! Campaign is helping to raise funds for many great additions to our beloved community.  More producers, more farmers, more crafts, more art, more public space, more parking, and one new pig named Billie are all part of the upcoming development on Western Avenue.

Learn more at:  http://pikeup.org

So come join us, bring your thirsty friends and drink (responsibly) for a cause!  You are welcome anytime (during regular business hours of course) 11am-10pm.

Here at Old Stove, we are helping to build “More Market to Love”, one lovely beer at a time.

See you there!



Public Market Press Release


Old Stove will donate two dollars from every beer sold on April 16 to benefit the Pike Up! campaign to build the new Pike Place MarketFront, opening spring 2017. Market fans can learn more about the MarketFront at PikeUp.org.


Old Stove Brewing in the Seattle Eater


Old Stove Brewing Company is ready to open inside Pike Place Market. The brewery will hold its grand opening on Saturday at 11 a.m. with eight beers on tap: an IPA, wheat, pale ale, pilsner, saison, stout, double IPA, and a brown ale, with a session IPA and a Cascadian dark ale coming next week.


Old Stove Brewing in the Seattle PI


Eight beers will be on tap at Saturday’s event, including an IPA, Northwest Wheat, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Saison, Stout, Double IPA and a Brown Ale. Two more, a Session IPA and a Cascadian Dark Ale, are on deck for the week after the opening, said Old Stove Brewing Co-Founder Brian Stan.


Our Home

We are surrounded by crumpets, tacos, ice cream, chowder, pizza, maps, yarn, and umbrellas. Yes, here in the Pike Place market our neighbors are good people making fine products.

If you’ve been to the Pike Place Market before you know what a special place it is. If you haven’t, come see us soon. This nine-acre historic district is a sight to see. Where else can you explore over 300 shops, listen to local music, eat local food and buy something handmade from a local artist all in one afternoon?

Come on down and grab a cold beer and anything else you might need. It’s all here at the Pike Place Market, in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Learn more about this fine place we call home

Visit: http://www.pikeplacemarket.org


About Us

Like the Pike Place Market we call home, Old Stove Brewing is all about local flavor and dedication to the craft. We are Seattle’s newest brewery, even if our old stove is from 1905 –as old as the Market itself.

Queen Anne resident Chris Moore grew up chopping Michigan hardwoods and stoking the family Kalamazoo stove to keep the house warm. His love affair with the warmth-giving pieces of functional art has been glowing ever since.

So when Co-Founders Chris and Brian decided to open a brewery, they knew they had to bring in their friendly old partner. A Kalamazoo stove occupies a place of honor in the corner and on the mural that brings the early days of the Market to life.

This may be your grandfather’s heater, but this is not your grandfather’s beer. We piped steam into our brewery – not an easy task, but a good one for brewing beer and sustainable fuels. We scour the Pacific Northwest for the best hops and grains. We treat the water differently for each style of beer. We make sure ingredients are fresh, temperatures are precise and lines are clean.

We welcome young ones, too. Kids will marvel at the mural and its hidden treasures while you sample one of our highly drinkable beverages – no iPad needed.

“If you came in and, God forbid, you order an iced tea instead of a beer with a sandwich,’’ Brian says, “you’re still going to love that sandwich and the environment.’’ But go ahead and order a beer and savor the spirit of the Market. And cozy up to our old Kalamazoo stove – it’ll feel like an old friend.


Old Stove Store

Stop by our Taproom to check out the latest shirts and hoodies for sale!


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